OPEN DAILY 11-22.30 

Lunch 11-15, ala carte 12-22.30 (kitchen 22)

Ala Carte Menu


  • House bread

    5,50 €

    Freshly-baked bread flavored with wild herbs and seedy crispbread

  • Smoky jerusalem artichoke soup

    9 € / 12,50 €

    House wild herb bread

  • Gratinated forest mushrooms

    12 €

    Forest mushrooms gratinated with local Kuusamo cheeses, house wild herb bread

  • rainbow trout tartare

    13,50 €

    Pickled gherkins, birch mayonnaise, rowan capers, chips of malted rye bread

  • Wild venison rillette

    13,50 €

    Dried reindeer heart, smoked garlic mousse, cranberry caviar, lichen

Main courses

  • fried local vendace

    18,50 €

    Mashed potato with melted onion-butter

  • Fried Kuusamo whitefish

    25 €

    Potato cake, beetroot purée, beurre blanc flavoured with nettles

  • traditional lappish sautéed reindeer

    25 €

    Mashed potatoes, pickled gherkins, lingonberries

  • Slow-cooked lamb shank

    28 €

    Parsnip purée, potato cake, dark game sauce

  • Wild venison tenderloin steak 180g

    33,50 €

    Carrots and Lappish puikula potatoes fried in pine-tip flavoured butter, dark game sauce, crowberry jam

  • Reindeer calf's liver

    21 €

    Mashed potato flavoured with smoked garlic, spruce-tip and beer sauce, lingonberries

  • The Kuksa burger

    22 €

    Home-made reindeer burger 200g, gherkin and onion compote, cranberry mayonnaise, Kuusamo smoked cheese, lettuce, tomato, country style fries

    The Kuksa burger is available with home-made veggie burger 18 €

  • Beetroot croquettes

    20,50 €

    Potato cake, parsnip purée, beurre blanc flavoured with nettles, lichen

Children's Menu

  • fried vendace

    8,50 €

    Mashed potatoes, melted butter with onion

  • Whitefish and chips

    9,50 €


  • Sautéed reindeer

    10 €

    Mashed potatoes, lingonberries, pickled gherkins

  • Reindeer burger

    12 €

    Reindeer burger, ketchup, lettuce, French fries


    Mayonnaise 0,50 €

    Cheese 0,50 €


  • Chocolate marquise

    13 €

    Raspberry sorbet, chocolate soup, caramel sauce

  • Lappish baked cheese

    10,50 €

    Lappish baked cheese braised in cinnamon cream, cloudberry jam

  • Bilberry Frangipane

    11,50 €

    Meadowsweet meringue, mascarpone ice cream

  • Selection of Finnish cheeses

    11 €

    Crowberry jam, seedy crispbread

  • Kuksa's home-made ice creams and sorbets

    4,50 € / ball

Rukan Kuksa is High Class Restaurant, serving wild food in Ruka Tourist center

Our Meals are representation of traditional as well as modern dishes prepared from the local and wild ingredients.

Almost all portions can be made lactose free and gluten free. Please tell your waiter about special diets when ordering.

For health reasons, special diet requirements are met without extra charge. In other cases we reserve the right to charge 50% extra for a special order.


Buffet lunch is served daily from 11am to 3pm

Price 14,50 €

Includes a selection of salads, breads, daily soups and main course and coffee / tea


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